The Grand Haven Musical Fountain is located in Grand Haven, Michigan. The fountain delivers a good looking combination of water, songs, and lights that build a tremendous Exhibit. It is positioned among Dewey Hill plus the northern shore of Grand River in which Lake Michigan enters the Grand Haven Condition Park. When it had been built in the 1960s… Read More

For one particular thousand years, commencing at around five hundred A.D., the Anasazi lived in cliff dwellings and pueblos which are inbuilt the significant mesas and canyons of your 4 Corners Area. This location is where the four U.S. states of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona satisfy. Whilst residing in the American southwest, the Anasazi … Read More

Deserts Of The SouthwestThe four U.S deserts of Great Basin, Chihuahuan, Sonoran and Mojave are the known true deserts of the nation as each conforms to the encompassing definition of a desert which is a place where there is restricted plant life and very low rainfall. Among the four, the Great Basin desert is predominantly a cold desert due to its… Read More